Seawater Spa

A vast choice of treatments, an invitation to unwind : massages, seaweed wraps, multi-jet baths, hammam, sauna, swimming pool. Everything is done for your well-being!

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Infinitely Spa

Here, well-being is for both ladies and gentlemen, “real life” is put on hold.
Just close your eyes, relax and enjoy a combination of precious ingredients from across the globe and the expertise of our beauty therapists.

A range of facial treatments, body scrubs, body masks and body massages, contouring treatments and foot reflexology. More than  50 facial and body treatments at the spa

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Aquatonic Pool

Parcours Aquatonic : A warm seawater labyrinth heated between 31 and 34°C where you walk or swim through different pool areas with a succession of 194 underwater jets, currents, counter-currents,showers and bubble baths.

The elements that make up the labyrinth have been conceived to particularly promote relaxation, blood circulation and muscle tone. A guarantee to 30 minutes of absolute well-being.

As guest, you get preferential rates for the Aquatonic® Pool.

Aquatonic short break

Free access for all the residents

Piscine de détente de l'hotel

Seawater swimming pool

For a relaxing moment in a heated seawaterpool


Sauna & Hammam

The hotel sauna and hammam offer moments of well-being


Cardio training room

You have unlimited access to the fitness room


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